Research Achievements

  • Green Talents Award by BMBF Germany 2022 (2022)
  • Top 2% World Top Scientists in the Stanford List 2022 (2022)
  • Top 2% World Top Scientists in the Stanford List 2021 (2021)
  • Wiley Top Cited Article 2020-2021
  • Third Place in 2020 APEC-ACABT Green Synergy Solutions – Team Mentor (2020)
  • Winner for IChemE Global Awards 2020 – Young Researcher (2020)
  • Winner for IChemE Young Researcher Award – Malaysia (2020)
  • Finalist for Young Scientist Network (YSN-ASM) Rising Star Awards (2019)
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Medal, University of Nottingham Malaysia (2019)
  • Postgraduate Prize Awards, Graduate School, UNM (2019)
  • 1st Runner-Up for Postgraduate Poster Competition, FoE, UNM (2018)
  • IChemE Prize for Best Research Poster, IChemE (2016)
  • Weir Award for Best MEng Student, Industrial (2016)
  • Best MEng Student Award, Faculty of Engineering, UNM (2016)
Green talents asean winners 22
IChemE Global award 2020
IChemE Malaysia award 2020
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Achievements (Students)

  1. Andersson T’ng was awarded Third Prize in the XMUM Materials Lecture Competition 2022. May-2022
  2. Pocha Chaitanyakumar Reddy publishes on Biofuels & Green Diesel Production in Chemosphere as First author. Dec-2021
  3. Sherlyn Koay was awarded the 2020 Chinese Ambassador Scholarship from the Embassy of China in Malaysia. Oct-2021
  4. Foo Wei Han and Silvanir is appointed as Vice President and Head Secretary for XMUM IChemE 2021-2022.
  5. Zhang Xuebing and team members won Bronze Award at the 7th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Competition.
  6. Foo Wei Han and Sherlyn Koay SN publishes on Waste Cooking Oil utilization in SCI Q1 Journal.
  7. Anupreetha publishes on Hazardous Gas Removal in SCI Tier 1 Journal as First Author.
  8. Yew Guo Yong and Doris Tang won Third Place in the APEC-ACABT Green Synergy Solutions in APEC Region. Dec-2020
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Sherlyn Koay
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