Algal Technology Research (ATR)

Chia Shir Reen

Research Fellow – Year 2023-2024

Foo Wei Han

PhD Year 2023-2027

Project Title: Nanobubbling liquid biphasic system for biomolecules extraction from microalgae

Lim Yu Xuan

PhD Year 2024-2028

Project Title: Food safety risk assessment for plant-based meat processing

Dr Hongju He

Visiting Researcher – 04/2023 – 03/2024

Prof He is an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean in the School of Food Science at Henan Institute of Science and Technology, China. His research expertise is in nondestructive technology for inspecting food processing and quality, hyperspectral imaging/near-infrared spectroscopy for agri-food quality evaluation and food bioactive components extraction, analysis, and processing for potential application.


  • GC 2024: Dullayateeraroj Thanatis
  • URECA 2023-2024: Frederick Chong Jia En (BS), How Hui Xin (CBE), Nathaniel Teopilus (BIE), Nehemiah Low Shi Ern (CBE), Tew Yu Yuan (BS)

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  • Deepika D/O Poopathi Chinaiyah (FYP Research) Graduating Jul 2024
  • Hushwinie Manivannan (FYP Research) Graduating Jul 2024
  • Lai Heng Yee (FYP Research) Graduating Jul 2024
  • Nur Muhammad Faiz Bin Adnan (FYP Research) Graduating Jul 2024
  • Ong Yan Fann (FYP Research) Graduating Jul 2024
  • Phebe Sim Jia Yu (FYP Research) Graduating Jul 2024
  • Zheng Qiyue Felicia (FYP Research) Graduating Jul 2024
  • Yrina Vera Rodriguez (Exchange student)
  • Silvanir (FYP Research) Graduated Aug 2023
  • Chang Yu Heng (FYP Research) Graduated April 2023
  • Foo Wei Han (FYP Research) Graduated April 2023
  • Sherlyn Koay Sze Ning (FYP Research) Graduated April 2023
  • Pocha Chaitanya Kumar Reddy (FYP Research) Graduated Aug 2022
  • Jane Lee Weng Lee (FYP Research) Graduated Aug 2022
  • Gay Hao Yi (FYP Research) Graduated April 2022
  • Khor Jiun Gia (FYP Research) Graduated April 2022
  • Anupreetha Parthiban (FYP Research) Graduated Aug 2021
  • Andersson Tng Khai Shern (Research Intern) Feb 2022 – June 2022
  • Yogavarman Murali (Research Intern) Feb 2022 – June 2022
  • Ling Jing (Research Intern) July 2021 – June 2022